Shipping Costs


Orders to be shipped within Greece, are delivered by ACS Courier.

Delivery time ranges between 1 to 2 working days, depending on the shipment location.

Orders received by 1:30 PM, Monday to Saturday, will be dispatched on the same day. 


Standard Delivery (Small Volumetric Size)

For orders under 49,99€, the shipping cost is 3€.

For orders over 50€, shipping is free for all destinations within Greece.

Cash on delivery costs are €1,50 for each purchase.

Orders of small volumetric size are delivered by ACS Courier.


-          You can receive your order from your nearest courier store, as long as you have selected this option at the Checkout point of your ordering process.

-          Specific delivery information prior to the actual delivery (such as, time of delivery) cannot be provided by the courier company.

-          In the case of a delivery impediment, the courier company will contact you to arrange a new delivery date.


Orders to be shipped to Cyprus, are delivered by ACS Courier.

The shipping cost for all orders, standard or bulky, is 14€.

Cash on delivery is not available.

Delivery time is estimated for up to 3 working days.


Availability-Delivery time


By the term availability we mean the time elapsed between when an order is placed and when it is actually received by our system.

In case a product already included in your order is temporarily unavailable, we will contact you as soon as possible.

In some cases, products might be out of stock.  Also, new products may have been launched by the manufacturer, ordered by our company, yet, still in the process of being delivered to our store.

All orders received by 1:30 PM, Monday to Saturday, will be dispatched on the same day. Orders received from Saturday noon to Sunday will be processed on Monday morning.  Delivery time ranges between 1 to 4 working days, depending on the shipping location.


Force Majeure

In cases of force majeure (such as, bad weather conditions, strikes, etc.) in which the actual delivery time exceeds the estimated one, we will contact you in order to inform you as well as ask you on how you wish to proceed with your pending order.


Our company does not accept any liability whatsoever for possible damages or losses


 Limitation of Liability

Our company is not responsible or liable for any possible damages (or losses) that may arise due to non-delivery. In addition, our online store cannot guarantee the estimated delivery time in cases of force majeure or when products are unavailable by our supplier.  When this is case, our online store makes sure to inform customers as soon as possible.


Non-delivered Packages


Sometimes packages may return to us upon non-delivery.  In case a paid-in-full order returns to us, we will credit our customer’s account to its full amount (including shipping costs).

The customer will be informed regarding the non-delivered package return in order to make sure whether he/she wants the order to be re-delivered, or not.

Possible reasons of package non-delivery:

Wrong/invalid address.  Please make sure and double-check that the address you fill in during your online information input is correct.

Other Problems. Sometimes address tags are worn out during shipping process causing them to be illegible by the courier employee.  Other times a courier employee may deliver the package to a wrong address by mistake.